Bombers’ GM Kyle Walters doesn’t chug beer, go topless like Chris Streveler on Instagram Live

Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ general manager Kyle Walters knows Chris Streveler can produce when called upon.

That’s exactly what Streveler did by entertaining fans during his Instagram Live appearance on Wednesday afternoon. It turned in to a session which lasted multiple hours and featured beer chugging, shot-taking and, of course, Streveler shirtless.

“I was working all day, so I didn’t see the Streveler piece but I’ve heard about it. It sounds like that made some people smile and got them thinking about the Grey Cup which is awesome in these tough times that he can go do that,” Walters said on TSN 1290 radio in Winnipeg.

Walters took his turn on Instagram Live Friday afternoon. He started by setting out the expectations compared to the show Streveler put on. Those close to the Bombers’ GM were clearly urging him to provide entertainment like his former star quarterback.

“Unfortunately, I drew the slot after Chris Streveler, which has certainly got some attention from friends and family busting my chops. Yes, he is a tough act to follow,” Walters said.

“No, I will not be taking my shirt off. And, no, there will be no shots of alcohol, I just want to get that out of the way. I’ll be honest, me with my shirt off, I don’t know that would be good for ratings.”

Streveler was found by Winnipeg’s scouting staff as a key piece to the Bombers’ championship team in 2019 which ended a 29-year streak without a Grey Cup. Even though Streveler keeps partying and celebrating the victory with teammates and fans, Walters has shifted his focus to the next season.

“What will be nice is to not have to answer the questions from the reporters and the media guys about Grey Cup drought and all that stuff,” Walters said.

“The negativity that most seasons start with in regards to that topic of conversation, it’ll be great to start a season as defending Grey Cup champions and that pressure versus the pressure of haven’t won a Grey Cup in 29 years. And that’s a good thing.”

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