CFL to postpone global draft, hold global combine just prior to training camp

Photo courtesy: Gilson Junio

The CFL is postponing its global draft, per sources, which was scheduled to take place on April 16.

The league held a number of global combines across Europe this winter with a number of players being invited to the national event in Toronto. More players were going to be added following the completion of the league’s final international combine in Mexico, though it was cancelled due to COVID-19.

The league recently conferred with its member clubs who voted unanimously to postpone the draft until such time that a combine could be held in Toronto.

The new global draft will be held the day after the global combine, which is set to take place just before training camps open. It will feature five rounds, which means a total of 45 players will be selected.

Training camps are scheduled to open on May 17, though it is possible that date will be postponed as well due to the current health pandemic.

John Hodge is a CFL insider and draft analyst who has been covering the league since 2014.