Dumb & Dumber: How else can we change the rouge?

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

There may not be a fan base more attached to one rule than CFL fans to the rouge.

It’s a rule that’s both celebrated and mocked, depending on how you feel about the league and the rule.

When it comes to the CFL’s single point, everyone seemingly has an opinion. Some people are for it, others think change is long overdue. That’s among the reasons why we at 3DownNation decided to celebrate the league’s quirky rule with our very own Rouge Week.

Last we heard, the CFL’s innovation committee is considering tweaking the rules surrounding the rouge by taking it away from missed field goals that sail through the end zone.

Why stop there? Let’s get real weird and take the rouge to a whole new level.

Like when I wrote about potential playoff formats, this piece is not to be taken seriously. I don’t actually want to see these happen. It’s all in good fun and there’s a less then zero percent chance that the league would ever actually use these fake suggestions.

Amp up the punishment

One thing the CFL could do to really punish punts that go too far or field goals that miss the mark: award the point to the other team.

Anyone can score points for their team. Players literally do it basically all game, every season. Kickers especially add plenty of points to the board for their team every season. They almost always end up as a team’s leading scorer.

It takes real talent to score for the other team.

The pressure would really be on the punter if a punt that rolled into the end zone ended up giving the other team a point. It would probably also change the views of some when it comes to picking the league’s best punters.

The decision

This one I actually don’t mind this one, and I have to admit it mostly comes from the mind of friend of the Green Cast, Dan Plaster of CBC.

Instead of taking the rouge out of a missed field goal or a punt that rolled through the end zone. What if the receiving team had an option?

Would giving up a point be worth starting at say your 45-yard line? You could also turn down the rouge and take the ball at your 25 or 35. The math could be figured out to find out the best separation between accepting the rouge or not. Exact details don’t really matter in a column about stuff that isn’t going to happen.


Want to encourage returns? How about any punt that ends up in the end zone, instead of getting a point, the offending team was penalized 10 yards and forced to re-kick?

A second punt ends up in the end zone? Let’s get really crazy. Turnover on downs? Ball spotted at the 45? Another kick but the punter has to use his other leg? The options are endless.

Lean in

We could also lean into the rouge and really celebrate it. There could be a rewards program for kickers who hit a certain number of rouges in a given season.

“Congrats Jon Ryan, you just kicked your fifth rouge of the season. Your rouges are now worth two points!”


“That’s Ronnie Pfeffer’s third rouge of the season, earning him and everyone in section five a free poutine at Wendy’s!”

Sponsors could really get on board by supporting the rouge board, generating more revenue for the team and league.

So, there you have it. Just some of the ridiculous ideas I have for the rouge. Yes, I should be fired, this post sucks, what is this nonsense? No need to tell me in the comments.

What’s a dumb idea you have for the rouge? The dumbest options won’t win anything other than my respect and a mention on the next Green Cast.

Joel Gasson is a Regina-based sports writer, broadcaster and football fanatic. He is also a beer aficionado.