Stampeders’ quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell: Rod Pedersen is ‘an idiot’

Bo Levi Mitchell’s dislike for Rod Pedersen has grown strong.

Pedersen was the radio play-by-play man for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Following 20 seasons calling Rider games, Mitchell and the outspoken media personality crossed paths for parts of seven seasons.

“I can say it on air: that guy’s an idiot,” Mitchell said on the Calgary Sports Page hosted by Mike Lownsbrough.

Most notable among the exchanges between the two occurred in 2018 when Duron Carter, then a defensive back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, recorded a pick-six against Mitchell. Pedersen said live on the radio: “BO LEVI. SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH.”

“I was talking trash to Duron Carter over Twitter and threw a pick-six to him. He was a receiver, moves to defence and I was like ‘don’t play defence, I’m going to throw the ball at you 30 times,'” Mitchell said.

“And we didn’t throw the ball over there very often that game. And I threw a pick-six towards the end of the game, when we were already losing. It might have been on Twitter, somebody played his play-by-play from it: shut you mouth Bo Levi. He says something about it and that’s what got my attention.”

Mitchell shut down his Twitter account in April 2018 and it’s not coming back. The two-time CFL MOP and Grey Cup winner provided unique insight and stirred the pot on the social media platform.

“I actually got off of Twitter for other reasons and he comes out with this article, it’s like ‘Bo Levi Mitchell is mentally weak for getting off social media.’ And to me, for one, you’re an idiot, just for saying something like that,” Mitchell said.

“But to think that you’d understand why somebody is doing something and then Matt Nichols follows in my footsteps, so does Trevor Harris — everybody gets off social media and we go out and win the Grey Cup, win MOP that year.”

The Stamps’ franchise quarterback had a stellar 2018 season, adding to his CFL legacy. Being off Twitter took away distraction and allowed Mitchell to narrow his focus. Following the 2018 season, Pedersen apologized for his comments multiple times and put in multiple asks for Mitchell to appear on his self-titled show: The Rod Pedersen Show.

“He comes out with this public apology because he wants me to come on his show, because he gets fired in Sask,” Mitchell said. “So he tries to give me a public apology to come over there, and yeah, I just keep denying his request to get him followers.”