Stampeders tease new jersey

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

The Calgary Stampeders have teased a fresh set of threads.

2019 saw the CFL’s uniform provider switch from Adidas to New Era — a company with no prior jersey manufacturing experience — and a number of clubs took advantage with redesigned uniforms. Calgary didn’t have any drastic changes to their uniforms.

Resident 3DownNation CFL uniform monitor Tim Hodge presented a classic style idea for the Stamps:

While on the subject of the Stampeders wearing black, I want to offer a suggestion which I imagine won’t be overly popular in Cowtown: remove black altogether from the team’s colour scheme. With a team in the league literally named the “Redblacks” it’s high time for the Stamps to leave red and black to Ottawa and embrace red and white.

With only red and white featured in the Stampeders picture Tweeted out on Monday morning, perhaps the organization is taking Hodge’s advice.