Redblacks’ QB Nick Arbuckle wanted to play for Paul LaPolice in Ottawa

It’s been a whirlwind off-season for Ottawa Redblacks’ quarterback Nick Arbuckle.

The pivot was traded to the nation’s capital from the Calgary Stampeders in January and eventually signed a two-year extension with the Redblacks.

“It’s been really busy. I haven’t had a chance to settle in and let things soak in. It’s been a constant process getting settled into Ottawa and moved,” Arbuckle told The Rod Pedersen Show.

“I’m hoping here in the next week to get settled into a normal training routine and feel what it’s like to be a part of this city and the team.”

A lot is going to rest on the shoulders of Arbuckle if the Redblacks are going to bounce back from a rough 2019.

He won’t be going into it alone, though, as he’ll have the support of head coach Paul LaPolice, widely viewed as one of the best offensive minds in the CFL.

Arbuckle and LaPolice have hit it off in their short time working together.

“Every experience I’ve had with him has been phenomenal. It’s been really positive,” Arbuckle said.

“Watching his offence and playing a little bit in his offence through scout team the last couple of years, playing for him is something I’ve wanted to do.”

As an offensive coordinator, LaPolice is known for adjusting his offence to the pieces around him. With many new faces expected to play key roles in Ottawa, it’s hard to say how that offence will look at this point.

“Right now, because it’s so many young players, we won’t really know what the pieces around the offence will look like until training camp comes around. We know the guys that have had some experience are really good players,” Arbuckle said.

“Offensively, I’m really excited to work with the guys that have been in the offence. Really looking forward to the new players and see what they can do.”

Arbuckle will have some reliable pieces to work with, most notably veteran slotback Brad Sinopoli and the up-and-coming R.J. Harris.

“I got a chance to complete my first pass to Sinopoli after our workout. I’ve had a lot of communications with R.J. Harris. He’s actually the first guy I talked to after they traded for me in January. I’ve watched a lot of film on him,” Arbuckle said.

“I’m looking forward to getting all the young guys and start working with them and build chemistry and see where it goes.”

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