Riders’ DB Otha Foster: “I’m definitely coming in to play SAM linebacker”

The Riders are digging into their recent history to fill a current need.

Defensive back Otha Foster re-signed with the club ahead of free agency, having previously played with the green and white in 2016 and 2017.

“I’m feeling really excited about 2020. The Roughriders had a great season last year,” Foster told the Rod Pedersen Show.

“It didn’t end as they wanted but I feel like the new pieces, having a new OC and the same core coming back, especially on the defensive side and re-signing the quarterback. I feel like we have a great chance at making a push to the Grey Cup.”

Foster last played in 2018 for the B.C. Lions when he was named a West Division all-star.

Since then, the Louisiana native has been waiting for his next opportunity.

“I had a funny feeling I was going to get a call from some team, I didn’t know exactly what team, about coming back and playing this year. I stay in shape, so, I was ready. I was excited when I got that call.”

The Riders are a good match for Foster after they lost last season’s strong-side linebacker (SAM) Derrick Moncrief to the NFL.

Even though nothing is guaranteed in football, Foster says he’s coming in to play that role.

“We didn’t really talk too much about that but I’m definitely coming in to play SAM linebacker. That’s the position that I played since I’ve been here and with (Moncrief’s) departure they probably felt like I was the best player available to play in their scheme.”

Foster is excited to work with players and a scheme he knows, having spent much of his CFL career in former head coach Chris Jones’ system.

Foster was able to keep an eye on what the Riders were doing last season. He sees some similarities between Jones’ system and what defensive coordinator Jason Shivers ran last year.

“(Shivers does) have his own different kinks in it. It’s very similar to what Chris Jones ran but you can tell it’s a little different. It’s the same concepts. I like what (Shivers) is doing.”