McLeod Bethel-Thompson: “What we went through was episodic”

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Coming soon to a big screen near you — Bad Voodoo: the story of the 2019 Toronto Argonauts.

At least that’s how Argos’ quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson sees last year with the double blue.

“I think that maybe about ten years down the road I’ll write a movie about how crazy last year was. You’ll see the craziness that it truly was. It was an adventure in many ways,” Bethel-Thompson told the Rod Pedersen Show.

“What we went through was episodic. The way people fought through things they couldn’t control — forever respect for S.J. Green, James Wilder that worked their butts off, all of them. Players stuck it out through thick and thin.”

So, what happened in the centre of the universe? The veteran pivot couldn’t say too much, but he did state you couldn’t really blame it on any one person.

“It was bizarre. Any time a team can go 4-14 and be that talented there’s got to be something that’s getting in the way of that. It was no one person’s fault. It was a crazy universe, cosmic reaction. Something was tainted in the water or someone put a voodoo curse on us. You’ll see ten years down the road with the movie.”

It’s been a busy off-season of change for the Argos. Micheal “Pinball” Clemons took control of the ship as general manager and an entirely new coaching staff captained by Ryan Dinwiddie is ready to set sail.

Bethel-Thompson believes this new crew could lead the Boatmen to smoother waters.

“Going into this year, I’m super excited. Seeing coach Dinwiddie, coach Jackson and Pinball and what kind of culture they’re breeding going forward. We’re on the precipice of something really good. The amazing thing about the CFL is a team can go from not winning a lot of games to winning a lot of games.”

Another big change for Bethel-Thompson this season will see him compete with an established quarterback for the starting job in Toronto after they signed former Blue Bombers pivot Matt Nichols. 

Bethel-Thompson has already been quoted this off-season as saying he thinks he’s the starter, but he’s not foolish enough to think that any job should just be given to him. He’s ready for competition.

“I don’t shy away from that. Do I think I should be given a job? No, that’s football. Competition brings out the best in everybody. A flower doesn’t try to compete with the flower next to them in nature, it just blooms.”