Vive La Paris: receiver Anthony Mahoungou, DB Tony Anderson earn invites from France to CFL Combine

Receiver Anthony Mahoungou and defensive back Tony Anderson have been extended invitations to showcase their skills for Canadian Football League general managers, coaches and scouts in Toronto at the CFL Combine from March 26-28.

The pair were among the 21 players who participated in the CFL Global Combine in France, conducted in association with the Fédération Française de Football Américain.

“We’re excited to grow the group of French players in the CFL and I’m hopeful that these prospects can positively impact the league,” said Pierre Trochet, head of business operations for the FFFA. “The path ahead has been laid out by Boris (Bede), Max (Rouyer), Val (Gnahoua), Benjamin (Plu) and Asnnel (Robo). The question now is: Who’s next?”

The CFL will announce the full list of global players invited to Toronto following the completion of the 10 Global Combines prior to the 2020 CFL Global Draft on April 16.

Global player invitees to the CFL Combine 

Global Combine Players
Finland Micky Kyei
Sebastien Sagne
Sweden William James

During the 2019 season, CFL rosters featured, for the first time ever, one designated ‘global player’ from outside the U.S. and Canada on each team’s active roster and as many as two more on their practice rosters. In 2020, the number of global players per team will increase to two on the active roster and up-to-three on the practice roster, with as many as 45 global players competing in the league.

CFL Global Combine schedule

Date Location
January 25 Florence, Italy
January 25 Bristol, England
January 26 Frankfurt, Germany
February 1 Tokyo, Japan
February 2 Osaka, Japan
February 29 Copenhagen, Denmark
March 15 Mexico City, Mexico

Mahoungou and Anderson were the top two players on 3DownNation draft guru, J.C. Abbott’s scouting list headed in to the event in Paris.

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