TV talk show host Wendy Williams apologizes to Bombers’ Adam Bighill for cleft lip joke

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Famous TV talk show host Wendy Williams has apologized to Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ linebacker Adam Bighill for cleft lip and palate remarks.

Williams made the comments and gesture when discussing Joaquin Phoenix on The Wendy Williams Show on January 7.

“He’s got one of those, what do you call it? A cleft lip, cleft palate. Now I find it to be very attractive,” Williams said while holding her lip up.

Bighill vowed to post publicly daily asking for an apology and charitable donation.

“It really is getting her to recognize what she did and speak on it,” Bighill told CTV News. “And the people who watch that show are going to be able to realize that we are all part of ending bullying, we are all part of it, and that will be a great message to go out to everybody as well.”

“I was bullied growing up, so I’m used to it now as an adult … but the fact is bullying usually comes from kids who don’t necessarily know better, or know how to control their feelings or power. Wendy Williams is a grown woman … who should know how to act better,” Bighill told CBC.

“I’m sure she didn’t intend for it to be so damaging, but the fact is that she has no idea what people go through and how much this hurts people.”

The Grey Cup champion defender held to his word and used social media each day to politely raise awareness that Williams’ comments were off target. After a week, Williams delivered an apology and donation on the same day Bighill’s son Beau went in for surgery to have his lip procedure in Winnipeg.

Bighill used social media without name-calling to create a positive impact.