Teams will be allowed to have three QBs on roster in 2020: Ambrosie

Photo courtesy: Johany Jutras/

Many CFL fans have been concerned about quarterback roster rules since some details of the new collective bargaining agreement were released in May.

Traditionally, CFL teams have been required to dress three quarterbacks for each game. Under the new CBA — which the league has yet to formally release — that requirement will go down to two in 2020 and beyond.

Dressing two quarterbacks could be disastrous for teams that suffer in-game injuries to more than one passer. The lack of a third-stringer on each club could also impede the develop of quarterbacks league-wide.

Randy Ambrosie was a guest on The Rod Pedersen Show on Tuesday and shed some light on the quarterback rule.

“I’ve had this conversation with a number of fans. In fact, a number of Rider fans during Grey Cup expressed their concern, said Ambrosie.

“Nobody is prevented from having a third quarterback on their roster. It just eliminated that third quarterback rule. So nobody should be concerned that we won’t see teams carrying three quarterbacks — that’s a decision the teams will make.”

The full details of the new CBA have been made public, fans can rest easy knowing that teams can still choose to dress three quarterbacks in they want.

The new rule specifies a requirement of two quarterbacks, not a limit of two quarterbacks. Though some teams may take advantage of this knew guideline in 2020, expect many teams to continue dressing three passers for each contest.