Bo Levi Mitchell won’t forgive Rod Pedersen for ‘shut your mouth’ call; declines going on his show

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Stampeders’ quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell and Saskatchewan media personality Rod Pedersen have traded words in the past.

Most notable among the exchanges occurred in 2018 when Duron Carter, then a defensive back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, recorded a pick-six against Mitchell. Pedersen was on the radio call and exclaimed, “BO LEVI. SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH.”

Mitchell gave credit to Pedersen for the call, but the two-time Grey Cup champion QB said he would not shut his mouth.

There are still clearly some hurt feelings in Cowtown because Mitchell declined an invitation to appear on The Rod Pedersen Show.

“I feel bad that Bo Levi doesn’t want to come on the show. I don’t blame him, I haven’t been very nice to him over the years. I can see why his feelings would be hurt,” Pedersen said.

“If I need to offer an apology… I would apologize to Bo Levi for anything I may have said or done that may have upset him. I want him on the show. I don’t want him mad at me.”

Mitchell has his own Bo Show on Sportsnet 960 in Calgary. Word of the apology made its way back to Cowtown.

“I had a specific radio host ask if I would go on his show and I declined multiple times. He then posted a video apologizing for his actions and I don’t know if he thought that was going to entice me to now do the show, but I still declined his show and I’m not doing it,” Mitchell said.

“I got my own show, I don’t need to talk to him.”