Introducing the 3DownNation all-decade CFL team

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers capped the 2019 CFL season with a Grey Cup victory last month, which means a new decade will be upon us the next time teams hit the field.

We at 3DownNation wanted to recognize the players who have helped make the last decade so spectacular. Thus the CFL all-decade team was born — the ultimate squad to celebrate ten years of CFL football.

We sorted the players by position, then our panel ranked the candidates at each spot.

After some deliberation, we decided to open up the voting process to our readers. Your voices deserve to be heard, too.

Reader votes will form a ballot that will be counted right alongside those of our panel members. We will also release the details of the readers’ ballot when the results are announced.

Players will be selected in following amounts:

-three quarterbacks
-three running backs
-seven receivers
-three tackles
-three guards
-two centres
-three defensive tackles
-three defensive ends
-five weak-side/middle linebackers
-two strong-side linebackers
-three cornerbacks
-three halfbacks
-two safeties
-one placekicker
-one punter
-one returner

Only production from this decade (2010-2019) should be considered during voting. This is why a player like Ben Cahoon isn’t a candidate for the team — he’s in the Hall of Fame with 13,301 receiving yards, but almost all of his production came prior to the 2010 season.

Fans will have until Sunday, December 22 to rank players using the two ballots below. Each should take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Once voting closes, we will unveil the 3DownNation all-decade CFL team by position in the following order over the final week of December: specialists; defensive back; linebacker; defensive line; offensive line, receiver; running back; and quarterback.

Here are the ballots. Enjoy and thanks for your participation!

3DownNation all-decade CFL team (offensive ballot)

Click here to fill out the 3DownNation all-decade CFL team defensive/special teams ballot.