Cut out the committee: Paul LaPolice will call the Redblacks offensive plays

New Redblacks head coach Paul LaPolice will call the offensive plays in the nation’s capital.

The by-committee approach which plagued Ottawa’s offence in 2019 when the team scored a league-low 285 offensive points is definitely done.

“I will be the primary play-caller. But whether there is somebody in the building that has the coordinator title to help us assist through that process, that may or may not happen. If it doesn’t we’re OK with that. The coaching staff will be collaborative and talk about what we’re going to do,” LaPolice said.

“Those will be things that I set, this is our vision for our offence, these are the things we will feature, this is what we need to do to be successful. And then as many pieces that can help me through that process, whether it’s a coordinator title — I try not to get into too many titles — but I’ll be the primary play-caller.”

LaPolice led the Winnipeg Bombers’ offence on a spectacular playoff run and finished hoisting the Grey Cup. Canadian running back Andrew Harris was named the Most Valuable Player and Canadian in the CFL championship victory as LaPolice called the plays.

He directed the league’s highest-scoring offence in Winnipeg during 2017 (554) and 2018 (550). LaPolice has been credited for designing a quarterback-friendly offence that prioritizes ball control and balance between the air and ground attacks.

Winnipeg’s former offensive coordinator coached his unit to another strong season in 2019, leading the West Division in points per game (28.2) and topped the league in rushing yards per game (147.9). LaPolice has a reputation for being one the CFL’s most creative offensive minds and top play-callers. Those traits will be on display in the nation’s capital.

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