Baltimore Ravens’ Marcus Peters beer celebration draws comparisons to Jon Gott beer chug

Baltimore Ravens defensive back Marcus Peters channeled his inner Canadian Football League offensive linemen — Jon Gott to be specific.

Peters knocked away a Josh Allen pass to seal a victory in Buffalo on Sunday.

He proceeded to celebrate the win by shotgunning a beer in the stands with fans.

Following Ottawa’s final touchdown of the regular season in 2018, Gott grabbed a beer from his girlfriend and chugged it through his face mask. When he was finished, Gott crushed the can against his helmet.

The celebration was viewed millions of times on social media. Gott had the idea in his head for four years and finally took advantage when the opportunity presented itself. The six-foot-three, 297-pound Gott was not fined for the beer chug.

But, it caused the the CFL to revise its celebration policy prohibiting the use of alcohol or drugs and the mimicking of the use of alcohol or drugs.

“When a player celebrated a touchdown this weekend by drinking a fan’s beer, he was acting within that policy and no discipline was mandated. However, the situation prompted several discussions with our clubs which indicated concern there is a risk that repeated celebrations featuring alcohol, or for that matter drugs, could send the wrong signal about our players, especially to young and impressionable fans,” the CFL statement said. 

“To put it simply, to have this happen once may, for many people at least, have been fun and even funny. But to have it happen again and again, and possibly include other substances, was not in the best interests of the CFL or the communities it calls home.”

Gott said it was all in fun. Let’s see if the No Fun League (NFL) imposes a fine on Peters for his beer exhibition.