Player agent: ‘I’m going to raise hell’ with both leagues regarding NFL window

Photo Scott Grant/

American and Canadian agents are furious the Canadian Football League didn’t go about the proper avenues to allow players with remaining years on their contracts the ability to work out for NFL teams.

“I’m going to raise hell [with both the CFL and NFL]. We’ve tried working through all the various channels to this point, but it seems like not a lot of people are on the same page here,” California-based agent Cameron Weiss told TSN reporter Dave Naylor.

Weiss represents stand out Calgary Stampeders cover man Tre Roberson. Roberson finished second in the CFL with seven interceptions during 16 games. He added 41 tackles and was the only defensive player in 2019 to have a fumble recovery touchdown and an interception touchdown while being named a CFL all-star.

The CFL had an option window in player contracts starting in 1997, which gave players entering the final year or option year of their deals roughly a six-week stretch in the off-season — December to mid-January — to work out for and sign with NFL teams.

That practice ended in 2012 when it was phased out as part of the collective bargaining process. However, teams around the Canadian Football League voted to bring back the NFL window in July 2018. But the NFL and NFL Players’ Association were not included in the agreement.

“No one knows what’s going on. I’ve been working on these workouts for three months and to not have them – potentially – is devastating for [Roberson]. It’s very, very frustrating,” Weiss said.

The 27-year-old has 14 workouts scheduled for the month of December, but he’s been sitting at home waiting for the issue to be resolved between the two leagues. Roberson spent the last two seasons in Calgary making 10 interceptions in 32 games.

“Last Friday I got a phone call from someone in an NFL [team] front office saying he’d got a memo from the NFL front office and we’re confused about whether we can work out Tre,” Weiss said. “Since then it’s been hurry up and wait, like [teams saying] ‘We’ll probably get this ironed out, just be patient.”