A Rider fan guide to Grey Cup 107

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

We have some traditions on 3DownNation.

From comparing CFL teams and players to things that have nothing to do with football to Grey Cup match up rankings and team likability.

Something I’ve stumbled into around here is the Rider fan guide to the Grey Cup as I try to give you, as Rider fans, something to look forward to watching at the CFL championship without your favourite team.

So, here we go again. As always, remember this is all in good fun and isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

Good ol’ Regina boy

If you need someone to cheer for — and just a warning this might hurt a little — Patrick Neufeld is probably your guy.

Not only is Neufeld a former Rider, but he’s a local boy through and through. Neufeld was born in Regina, played high school football here before eventually playing university ball at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Neufeld played three seasons with the Riders before being traded to Winnipeg for defensive end Alex Hall in 2013. Because of that trade, Neufeld missed out on winning the Grey Cup on his home turf. Instead, he had to watch.

Since then, Neufeld has had an up-and-down career dealing with some injuries. He returned to the Bomber line up on September 21 this season against Montreal and has played in every game since.

He’s a likeable guy that’s easy to cheer for and finally getting his chance to get the ring he missed out on.


The old standby for this piece recently has been ABC: Anyone But Calgary — a motto many none-Stampeders fans like to live by once their team is out.

While the #DroughtBowl has many story lines and is an extremely positive Grey Cup for the league in a lot of ways, one of the Rider fans favourite jokes is at risk.

As we know, the Bombers haven’t won a Grey Cup since 1990. There are Rider fans who like to remind Bomber fans of that fact when trolling online. Some are good jokes, some are lame. Like any other reoccurring chirp.

If this chirp is something you’re into, then you should be cheering for Hamilton.


As much as we love excellence in sports, a feel good story is always enjoyable too.

The Stampeders being in the Grey Cup for much of the decade — while impressive — got a little stale (especially against a team they had played before). That showed in last year’s Grey Cup ratings drop on TSN.

This matchup is nothing like that one.

Both of these fan bases are dying to win the big one, both haven’t won since the calendar flipped to the 2000s. Many fans for both teams either haven’t seen their team win a title or don’t remember their last win.

Odds are you probably know someone who is a fan of one of these teams. Think of the time you saw your team win… one fan base will finally get to experience that again.

It also means after this Grey Cup, every team but one would have won at least one Grey Cup this decade. That’s good for the league.

Test run

This Grey Cup could be a good test run for your Grey Cup party next year.

The big game is coming to Regina and you might have to take your party-hosting to another level. If you’re not planning on going to next year’s game, this would be a good night to test drive some new snack recipes, bring in some good beers, try some different cocktails and give your guests a sneak peak to next year’s main event.

As usual, if nothing else peaks your interest, there’s always gambling.