Trevor Harris left belongings in Ottawa’s locker room

How confident was quarterback Trevor Harris that he’d be back with the Ottawa Redblacks last season? Apparently enough to leave a bunch of personal belongings in his locker.

As Harris answered a question about potential roster turnover during the Eskimos’ locker room clean out, he dropped some further details about his departure from the nation’s capital.

“If I would have bet my bottom dollar last year, I would’ve been back in Ottawa. I left my stuff in my locker, I thought I was going to be back,” Harris said.

“Then all of a sudden in February I was calling some former teammates saying hey, can you ship this stuff out?”

Edmonton’s starting pivot was making a point about how he cherishes each day with his teammates and makes an effort not to take things for granted, but for those in Ottawa it sheds a bit more light on what was an unexpected departure.

Redblacks faithful have been left wondering what went wrong all season long, with general manager Marcel Desjardins insisting that he planned on bringing Harris back. Even suggesting that a contract was drawn up and ready to go until Harris demanded on doubling the signing bonus.

Harris has gone on record multiple times stating that he never heard from the Redblacks GM until right before free agency kicked off. If he really did leave his belongings in his locker, it would seem like further proof to back up his public statements that he truly did believe he was returning to Ottawa.

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