Bombers’ quarterbacks share budding bromance

There is a budding bromance in Bomberland that could soon enjoy a storybook ending.

Winnipeg has found a quarterback duo that looks at each other in a fashion rarely seen in professional football. Collaros and Streveler have a special and unique relationship.

“Whatever we need to do to win, we’re going to do and we’re all in,” Collaros said.

Collaros and Streveler compliment each other like the perfect QB couple. One can methodically pick apart a defence while the other provides the Bombers with an extra running back in the rushing attack.

“Just the threat of that and the team having to spend extra time for his abilities and some of the things we do offensively, it definitely helps,” Collaros said.

The veteran passer threw for 193 yards and a back-breaking 71-yard touchdown strike to Darvin Adams in the West Semi-Final. Streveler, meanwhile, led Winnipeg in rushing with 82 yards on 13 carries. The pair combined for nearly 34 minutes of possession in the win over Calgary.

“The guy is a warrior — toughest guy in the league,” Collaros said of Streveler. “Being able to stick a guy like him in the game and run the football, Andrew [Harris] running the football — it was a complete team thing.”

“I just want to touch on him,” Streveler said of Collaros. “Him coming in and just being able to fit in so seamlessly with our quarterback room — he fits in tremendously. I’m just happy for him. He’s had a crazy season and been through a lot. We’re just happy.”

Streveler played and ran without being able to notice his various injuries — a broken bone in his foot along with rib and shoulder issues. The 24-year-old athletic freak can get it done even when his body is hurting.

“I had my mind set that I was going to try to play. I just wanted to be out there with the guys because I know how much they fight and how hard they work. I’m going to do everything I can to be out there,” Streveler said.

“[Coach O’Shea] said it the other day: if you have anything left to give, now is the time to give it. If you can be out there, you gotta be out there and that’s just the bottom line.”

Streveler declined to verbalize how much pain he was in versus the Stampeders. But the adrenalin during the game and euphoria of winning removes any agony. Egos have been put aide to accomplish the ultimate goal: hoist the Grey Cup.

Streveler could have been upset about the Bombers trading for a quarterback with experience, but he wasn’t. On the other side, Collaros could have come to the Manitoba capital expecting to start and paying no attention to the incumbent. Instead, each man has embraced the partnership and it could lead to some jewelry for both of them and the Bombers.

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