John Bowman considering return for season number 15 with the Alouettes

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

John Bowman feels like he’s younger than his age.

“I feel like I’m 34 again,” Bowman, currently 37 years old, said during an interview on TSN 690 radio in Montreal.

During the 2019 season, Bowman played 16 regular season games making 45 tackles, eight sacks one forced fumble and one interception. He was named an East all-star for his efforts. Bowman has played at a high level despite his age and another season could be come together.

“It comes to a point of diminishing returns. I’ve been on the team forever and maybe they want somebody new. Nothing that’s physically wrong with me, maybe they say ‘hey, we gotta kinda move away from this guy’. I’m not saying they are, sometimes it gets to that point,” Bowman said.

“Hopefully, if I do make the decision to come back, they say yeah come back please we still need you. This is football, guys have been cut many a times. I’m glad to be in a position where I can say it’s up to me to walk away from football then to say football doesn’t want me anymore. A lot of guys get kicked out way before they’re ready to leave.”

Bowman has played in 230 games making 451 tackles, 134 sacks, 32 forced fumbles, one interception and one defensive touchdown. He is a two-time Grey Cup champion (2009 and 2010) and been named a league all-star twice (2010 and 2015). The Brooklyn native is the franchise’s all-time sack leader with 134 through his 14-year career and could add to the total.

“The decision isn’t totally on me, I’ve got 50 percent of it. But the team and the coaches have to want you back too,” Bowman said.

“If I say ‘yeah, I want to play again’ and whoever the coach is says ‘nah sorry hold man we don’t want you back’, then I’m not coming back.”