Officials don’t flag high hit on sliding Zach Collaros

Screenshot courtesy: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

It took more than three plays this time, but new Blue Bombers’ starting quarterback Zach Collaros was once again the victim of a dangerously high hit.

In the second quarter of Winnipeg’s game against the Calgary Stampeders, Collaros scrambled on a play and was nailed by Calgary’s Wynton McManis while sliding.

The play did not receive a flag.

The hit drew some comparisons to the one that Simoni Lawrence laid on Collaros in Week 1 which knocked him from the game and landed Lawrence a two-game suspension. Friday’s matchup was the first game Collaros has played since that hit.

The CFL has been wildly inconsistent with how they have dealt with dangerous hits this year, so it will be interesting to see what — if any — discipline is dolled out to McManis next week.

Collaros was back on the field for the next Bombers’ drive, but the CFL clearly still has an issue with player safety.