3Down picks: West Division hangs in the balance

The Week 20 slate is bookended by games with direct implications for No. 1 in the West.

It’s essentially become a two horse race between the Stampeders and Riders.

There are two meaningless contests sandwiched in the middle of a couple intriguing matchups. Let’s check in with the 3Down pickers and see where they’re siding.

Friday, October 25
Calgary at Winnipeg, 8:30 p.m. EST

The Stamps beat the Bombers 37-33 a week ago at McMahon Stadium and have won seven of their last eight games. Meanwhile the Bombers have gone 7-1 at home in 2019.

Dunk: Bo Levi loves Winnipeg. STAMPS
Hodge: Calgary’s not stopping until they clinch the West. STAMPS
Alfieri: Collaros and the Bombers stun the Stamps. BOMBERS
Ballantine: Zach wasn’t the answer for the Riders last year and isn’t the answer for the Bombers this year. STAMPS
Filoso: Collaros isn’t the answer STAMPS
Gasson: Calgary is just better. STAMPS
Smith: Winnipeg winning makes things more fun. BOMBERS


Saturday, October 26
Hamilton at Montreal, 1 p.m. EST

The Alouettes are 6-2 at home, including a victory against the Ticats in Week 4. Hamilton has won four straight games and in Week 19 set a franchise record recording win No. 13.

Dunk: Ticats want to make up for the beating suffered last time. TICATS
Hodge: Hard to predict without knowing when and how players will be rested. Coin flip. ALS
Alfieri: Both teams won’t tip their hand ahead of a potential East Final matchup. TICATS
Ballantine: More Vanilla in these offences that in Grandma’s Christmas cookies. TICATS
Filoso: Toss up between two teams more concerned about staying healthy than winning. ALS
Gasson: East final preview. Both teams will play it pretty tight to the best. TICATS
Smith: If Dane Evans sits for an extended period of time, the Als will win. I don’t think that will happen, so Hamilton wins a close one. TICATS


Saturday, October 26
Ottawa at Toronto, 4 p.m. EST

The Argos can sweep the season series following a dominant 46-17 performance in Week 13 and a 28-21 win in Week 18. The Redblacks have lost nine straight games.

Dunk: All aboard the good ship. ARGOS
Hodge: The Redblacks really, truly stink. ARGOS
Alfieri: ARGOS. I don’t even have to explain my answer.
Ballantine: Why are we seeing this again so soon? Blech….ARGOS
Filoso: Toronto can score, Ottawa can’t. ARGOS
Gasson: Again!?! ARGOS
Smith: Ottawa sucks. ARGOS


Saturday, October 26
Saskatchewan at Edmonton, 7 p.m. EST

Saskatchewan sits alongside Calgary at the top the division, but the Stamps hold the tiebreaker. The Riders need a win to have a chance to host the West Final.

Dunk: Saskie still has a shot at the West title. RIDERS
Hodge: A shot at first keeps Saskatchewan sharp. RIDERS
Alfieri: The Riders take advantage of a rusty Trevor Harris. RIDERS
Ballantine: Sask must win to keep pace with Stamps. RIDERS
Filoso: Harris might be back but Sask needs it more. RIDERS
Gasson: Riders keep pace. RIDERS
Smith: Edmonton can’t beat a good team and the Riders are a very good team. RIDERS


2019 records after Week 19:

Smith: 57-16
Hodge: 56-17
Ballantine: 52-21
Gasson: 52-21
Alfieri: 48-24-1
Dunk: 45-28
Filoso: 45-28

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