Don’t ask Jason Maas about the Eskimos’ penalty problems

Jason Maas wants to take the penalty flag and stuff it in reporters’ mouths.

“Don’t ask. Don’t ask me questions about it because I’m not going to answer it. We cleaned the slate. We just made the playoffs. We’re cleaning the slate on the penalty situation. We’ve addressed everything,” Maas said.

Edmonton has drawn a league-high 182 flags — 22 more than any other team — for 1,523 yards. 59 have come on offence with 71 on defence and 52 on special teams. 40 of the calls have been for a type of roughness, the most in the CFL.

“Going forward I don’t want my players thinking about it. The things that we’ve done throughout the year that not everyone sees that we’ve done to address it. We’re done addressing it. We’re clean slate. So don’t ask me,” Maas said.

The Eskimos clinched a post-season spot despite all the infractions, but a middling 8-8 record displays the inconsistency and the penalty flags exacerbate the up and down results.

“A lot of people have talked about our team all season about that. We also went through a four-game losing streak where we took a lot less penalties — didn’t win any of those games either,” Maas said.

“I’m just refusing to talk about it with our group, I don’t want my players to concern themselves with that right now. Talking about it and addressing it all season and having people talk and concern themselves about it hasn’t worked.”

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