Two more years: Cody Fajardo’s new deal a win for everyone

The Saskatchewan Roughriders cast their ballot on Monday electing to sign Cody Fajardo to a two-year extension.

The move — which many fans have been calling for — was an obvious, easy win for both the franchise and the quarterback.

For the QB, it’s the moment where he can say he’s officially arrived and all of the work he’s put in has paid off.

Since entering the league, Fajardo has seemingly done everything the right way. He’s been patient, he took it slow and said all the right things. He’s taken jobs as a third-string quarterback on a few of occasions. He came to Saskatchewan hoping just to become a backup. All he wanted was the chance to have a chance should something happen.

It paid off in a big way.

This deal offers up every thing Fajardo has wanted. Of course, he’s getting a nice bump in pay. If all goes well, he could very well could triple his income. For Fajardo though, it’s about more than money.

He wanted a team that believed in him, he got it. He wanted stability, his life has essentially been out of a suitcase over his CFL career, he’s got a home now. His wife can join him once she’s done her schooling.

He’s in a place where football matters and that seemed important to Fajardo. He wants to be a part of the community, telling reporters during his news conference that he doesn’t want to be someone who spends six months a year in the United States only coming back to play football, that’s easily accomplished here.

No one could have blamed Fajardo if he waited to see what free agency or the XFL could have brought, but he knew this was where he wanted to be. There was no rush to get a deal done, but he knew he wanted one to get done.

This deal checks all of the boxes for Fajardo. It’s also a good one for the team as well.

The Riders finally have some stability at the quarterback position for the first time since the start of the 2015 season. With a shot at a Grey Cup this year and hosting the show next year, that’s extremely important.

It’s also a flexible deal for the green and white. Fajardo will effectively end up making the money they were planning to pay Zach Collaros. It’s no longer high end money for a quarterback in this league, but it’s definitely starting pivot cash.

It will allow them to spend money elsewhere to make sure Fajardo has good pieces around him so they can compete for a championship, something Fajardo also wanted. They were able to reward Fajardo for what he’s done without putting a major dent in their cap.

Some wonder why the deal might not be for longer, but two years strikes a good balance. Both sides are committed to each other but it shows there’s still room to grow.

For Fajardo his play has been good but is there the next level for a longer, more lucrative deal? Can he join the league’s elite? From the team’s perspective, shorter deals can help them manager their cap situation and be prepared for a potential, bigger deal.

All in all, this is a win-win for everyone. If more wins come, then the deal will only get better.