Brother-in-law of Riders’ Jon Ryan projected to fail in bid for prime minister

It appears Andrew Scheer will be unsuccessful in his bid for Canadian prime minister.

Scheer was born in our nation’s capital and met his future wife, Jill Ryan, while attending the University of Ottawa. He eventually moved to her hometown of Regina where the couple married in 2003 before having five children.

Jill Ryan is the older sister of Saskatchewan Roughriders’ punter Jon Ryan. Fittingly, Scheer cheers for the Riders.

Ryan signed with his hometown Roughriders in May following a 13-year stint in the NFL. He has punted 97 times this season with a 50.1-yard average.

Scheer was first elected in the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle in 2004 and became the leader of the Conservative Party on May 17, 2017. He’s projected to win his riding yet again — fourth time.

The Liberal Party won the 2015 federal election with 184 seats and 39.47 per cent of the popular vote. The Conservative Party won 99 seats with 31.89 per cent of the vote, ending Stephen’s Harper’s decade-long run as prime minister.

The Conservative Party has made headway in 2019, projecting well over 115 seats. They are also on pace to finish first in the popular vote, narrowly edging out the Liberal Party.

Even so, it appears Scheer’s bid to become Canada’s next prime minister has failed.