Bo Levi Mitchell doubles down questioning officials; just wants to understand the rules

Bo Levi Mitchell stands behind his comments made about the officials calling the game one way against the Riders in Week 18.

“That’s more on the moment, on the spot and speaking facts. I thought it was something that needed to be voiced. I saw Glen Suitor said he was disappointed in what I said, and I’m not because, honestly, all of a sudden we got more calls in the second half,” Mitchell said on The Bo Show which airs weekly on Sports 960 The Fan in Calgary.

“We play a game our lives and livelihoods depend on it. I talk to the refs about this all the time, I understand the difficulty of the position they’re in. Their job is very, very hard. As an entire group when you feel like that’s not going the right way, that’s when you start to feel like maybe a game is being called one way.”

Calgary defensive end Chris Casher was ejected for rough play in the second quarter. Cordarro Law sacked Saskatchewan quarterback Cody Fajardo and Casher proceeded to make contact with his ankle the referees ruled rough play. He was kicked out of the game and assessed a 25-yard penalty for the infraction.

“People always say Bo you’re crying about this, you gotta understand where it comes from. You’re on the field and a guy on your team just got kicked out of the game and you watch the replay and he didn’t move — he just laid there, and you’re allowed to lay there and they tell you to lay there. That’s the tough part,” Mitchell said.

Multiple plays during the game on Friday, October 11, Mitchell felt Riders defensive lineman Makana Henry was crossing the line for roughing the passer penalties, but there was never a flag. For the record, the head referee was Al Bradbury.

“I was a little bit frustrated because on three different occasions, Henry No. 74 hit me late and tried to fling me. And then I said something to the ref about it, I said ‘Hey, I just want to understand the rules, maybe I’m just being a little quick to assume that’s a late hit? Do you feel like he’s not getting there late?’ He’s like ‘No I feel like he’s really getting there right as you’re throwing the ball.’ I was like ‘Alright, cool, I understand that,'” Mitchell said.

“Like literally a couple plays later, I throw the ball and the guy takes two or three steps, then grabs me, does a spin and throws me backwards and I look at the ref the whole time with my hands up. And he just shakes his head no that he’s not calling it. I was like ‘Clearly, you’re just not calling it.’ It’s not that you don’t think it’s a penalty, it’s just you made the conscious decision not to call this.”

In addition, Mitchell believes there are more flags on Calgary players for hitting opposing quarterbacks than get thrown when opponents take shots on the reigning MOP.

“Against the Stampeders I feel like when I watch the games that’s where it seems like a lot of roughing the passers get called for the other team,” Mitchell said.

“I want to know what the difference is of him getting hit and me getting hit. I don’t mind getting hit…you want to understand the rules.”

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