Suitor: Mitchell, Dickenson questioning officiating in Riders game ‘not a good look’

Photo courtesy: TSN

One of TSN’s colour commentators was unimpressed with comments made by members of the Calgary Stampeders this past weekend.

Glen Suitor did in an interview with Dave Jamieson on TSN 1260 radio in Edmonton on Tuesday. He was not asked directly about Calgary’s comments regarding alleged one-sided officiating, but brought them up on his own.

“I was disappointed with the conspiracy theories from Bo Levi Mitchell in his halftime (interview) when he said, ‘well, they’re clearly favouring Cody Fajardo,'” Suitor said.

Mitchell made the comments in an interview with TSN’s Jermain Franklin during Saturday’s 30-28 victory over the Riders.

“You know, just on this game right now, we gotta get things called fairly. Right now, you know, it seems pretty obvious things are being called one way. It’s gotta get fixed,” Mitchell said.

Calgary defensive end Chris Casher was ejected for rough play in the second quarter after twisting the ankle of Cody Fajardo. Mitchell clearly felt that Saskatchewan defenders were performing similar actions without penalty.

“The same thing they’re doing to me when I’m on the ground, you know, they’re calling Fajardo for it,” Mitchell said. “It seems petty, it seems obvious, so hopefully they get it fixed.”

Suitor seemed to feel Mitchell’s comments were unfairly echoed by his head coach.

“And Dave Dickenson, even — he’s better than this. And he even suggested that, you know, they’re … favouring the Riders with calls and stuff,” said Suitor. “I mean, it’s just not a good look.”

Dave Dickenson spoke to Postmedia’s Danny Austin about Casher’s ejection.

“The play where Casher got ejected, who knows? Let’s look at it on tape,” Dickenson said. “To me, I don’t really feel like you eject guys for rolling on a guy’s ankle but if he did twist it and it was that flagrant, then it has to be done.”

It’s clear that the rivalry between the Stampeders and Roughriders is heating up, which should only make the West Division playoffs more compelling.