XFL average salary to be lower than CFL’s: report

The upstart XFL is telling player agents that its average player salary will be just $55,000 USD, according to a report by NBC’s ProFootballTalk.

As TSN CFL insider Dave Naylor explains, that figure is just slightly more than the CFL minimum salary of $65,000 CDN set for next season. The AAF, which lasted less than a season before folding due to financial difficulties, was able to lure away a handful of established CFL free agents thanks to its higher average contracts.

While the XFL and its ambitious leadership have promised to swing for the fences in order to attract some bigger names to the league with larger contracts, the low initial average salary goes a long way to settling fears that the new league will cause a significant CFL talent drain. For most players, it seems the two leagues will be on a level financial playing field.