Cody Fajardo wants long-term deal with Riders

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Cody Fajardo wants to put down roots in Saskatchewan.

“I’m done with the one-year thing. I think that’s the biggest thing. And I’m tired of moving around. I’m getting to the age where…obviously I got married in March,” Fajardo told CKRM’s Derek Taylor.

“It’s tough on my wife and I when we go into the off-season and we never know where I’m going to be at. I’m in Toronto one year, then I’m in BC and now I’m in Saskatchewan. It’s just tough on us.”

Fajardo’s one-year deal runs through the 2019 season with the Riders and it’s a bargain. Should Fajardo make every possible dollar on his contract – it would still be around $150,000 for a starting quarterback.

“I want to get something in the two-, three-, four-year range. Because I want to be ‘the guy’ and I’m tired of moving around,” Fajardo said.

“We’re going to be having some kids here soon–or at least trying. So when I have kids and we settle down somewhere we want to be able to be located in a spot. And I think that’s what Saskatchewan can give me. It’s a place that can commit to me.”

Entering the 2019 season Fajardo had never started a professional football game. He was a backup and short yardage specialist with the Argos and Lions to begin his CFL career. General manager Jeremy O’Day and head coach Craig Dickenson saw the potential in Fajardo.

“Hopefully a win-win for both parties. These guys work hard and you want them to get there just rewards and we want to also be able to sign guys and have enough salary that we can build a good team,” Dickenson said.

“I do believe the players do deserve to get paid well because they’re putting their bodies on the line. You’re only allowed a certain amount on the cap, so the more you pay one guy the less you can pay for the others.”

As Saskatchewan’s starter, Fajardo has been mostly stellar leading the Riders to a 9-3 record. He’s thrown for 3,140 yards while completing over 72 per cent of his passes with 13 touchdowns against seven interceptions. The dual-threat QB has used his legs for 476 yards and 10 touchdowns on 81 rushing attempts, averaging 5.9 yards per carry.

The Riders have initiated contract extension discussions with Fajardo’s agent, but the talks aren’t real until money and dollars are involved.