Riders obliterating Argos draws impressive number during strong TV week for the CFL

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

The Riders destruction of the Argos was kind of like a car accident: you know it’s bad but the intrigue of the aftermath gains attention.

Saskatchewan needed the win to clinch a post-season spot while staying in the competition for the West Division regular season title and the precious bye to the West Final which comes with it. That’s what had everyone from or rooting for Saskie tuning in. It’s always fun to watch your squad pummel an opponent, too.

The highly-anticipated Ticats and Bombers matchup had solid rating considering the game seemed to be out of reach for Winnipeg at halftime and most of the second half. Meanwhile, B.C.’s mini winning streak has brought back a crowd even though the Lions’ chances of making the playoffs are slim.

In the nation’s capital, Trevor Harris was in town but didn’t play due to the throwing arm injury he’s battling. If Harris had suited up – one of the league’s most recognizable players – there would have been a boost to the final number. For comparison, the first meeting between the Redblacks and Eskimos in 2019 had 574,500 average viewers – a difference of more than 233,000.

Entering Week 16, there were only 12 games outside of contests involving the Riders which drew 500,000 or more on TV, tack two onto that list. Compared to the same week a year ago (476,925) the ratings improved by over 35,000. The playoff and numbers push is on.

Week 16 TV ratings:

Hamilton at Winnipeg — 507,600

Edmonton at Ottawa — 341,100
Saskatchewan at Toronto — 649,400
Montreal at B.C. — 552,600

Week 16 average: 512,675