‘To an extent’ Redblacks’ GM Marcel Desjardins miscalculated QB position

As a group the Redblacks quarterbacks are the worst in the CFL.

Ottawa ranks last in efficiency at 67.3, completion percentage 62.3 and thrown the most interceptions league-wide at 23. The Redblacks elected to go with Dominique Davis and Jonathon Jennings instead of sealing the deal with Trevor Harris. General manager Marc Desjardins agreed with the notion it was a miscalculation.

“To an extent we did, but there are other factors that come in to play where that’s concerned,” Desjardins said on TSN 1200 radio in Ottawa.

For comparison’s sake, Harris leads the league in passing yards 3,706 with a sparkling touchdown to interception ratio of 15-4 – best in the three-down league. Harris left Ottawa following a contract dispute and took left tackle SirVincent Rogers and star receiver Greg Ellingson with him. Desjardins would reconsider his approach if put in the same situation again.

“Obviously in hindsight based on our record it’s easy to say that I would. Philosophically I still think a lot of the decisions that we made were based on things that we felt were going to work,” Desjardins said.

Davis was pegged as the man to replace Harris, but he was benched after throwing a league-high 14 interceptions in his eight starts while posting a 3-5 win-loss record. Jennings is 0-5 as a starter for Ottawa and passed for three touchdowns against seven interceptions.

The most important position in football will be “readdressed” in the nation’s capital come the off-season Desjardins said. Although he still believes the Redblacks can win with the quarterbacks in house.

“Right now, yeah, I think we can, but we have to put them in the right situation, we have to help them out and they need to take ownership of it too,” Desjardins said.

“When they’re calling a play they have to be able to execute that play something as simple as that.”

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