Riders can clinch playoff spot with win against Argos

Photo Scott Grant / CFLPhotoArchive.com
Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

The Saskatchewan Roughriders path to a playoff spot is simple: beat the Argos and the Riders are in.

The green and white are trying to make the Grey Cup tournament for a third straight year after missing out in 2015 and 2016.

Montreal and Edmonton have other factors included in their equation to secure a post-season ticket.

The Alouettes have failed to play sudden death football four seasons in a row, the longest streak in franchise history.

Meanwhile, the Eskimos are on the cusp of returning to the playoffs after missing last year when Mike Reilly was at the helm. It will be five of the last six campaigns if Edmonton makes the post-season.

Week 16 playoff scenarios:

East Division

Montreal win or tie combined with Toronto and Ottawa losses = Montreal secures a playoff berth

  • A Montreal win this week would give the team 16 points. Toronto and Ottawa losses will result in both teams being unable to accumulate more than 14 points over the course of the remainder of the season.

West Division

Saskatchewan win = Saskatchewan secures a playoff berth

  • A Saskatchewan win would give the team nine victories, preventing them from accumulating more than nine losses. Three clubs have already lost 10 games (Ottawa, Toronto and B.C.).

Edmonton win and a B.C. Loss = B.C. eliminated from post-season contention

  • An Edmonton win would give the team 14 points. A B.C. loss would limit the team’s maximum number of points over the remainder of the season to 14. Edmonton captured the season series to own the tie-breaker.

It’s highly likely the fourth place team in the West crosses over in to the East.

Crossover rule:

If the fourth-place team in division A has more points than the third-place team in division B (they cannot be tied), it will cross over and take the place of the third-place team in division B. The team which crossed over will then complete against the second-place team in division B.


  • Calgary clinched its 15th consecutive playoff appearance – the longest run of post-season play in franchise history. It also matched Saskatchewan (1962-1976) for the fifth longest streak all-time.
  • Winnipeg secured its fourth straight playoff spot.
  • Hamilton secured a home playoff date for a second year-in-a-row and the team’s sixth post-season appearance in the past seven seasons.