Video: Comedian Jim Jefferies asks: “Are the Edmonton Eskimos Canada’s Redskins?”

Jim Jefferies, host of Comedy Central’s The Jim Jefferies Show traveled to Alberta to ask a controversial question about the Edmonton Eskimos’ moniker.

The comedian sat down with Eskimos’ fans who support the name as well as indigenous Canadians, one whom says, “I don’t view us as Eskimos; we are Inuit.”

In true Canadian fashion, both sides show respect for the other group’s point of view.

Jefferies, now a citizen of the United States, is a native of Sydney, Australia. All three countries share a history of subjugating indigenous populations.

The video touches upon many of the ways in which indigenous peoples have been mistreated in Canada, including the horrors of residential schools.

The clip premiered on Tuesday night and had already garnered more than 70,000 views on Twitter by 10:00 AM ET Wednesday morning.

Warning: the video includes language that some may find offensive.

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