Alouettes’ Vernon Adams Jr. won’t appeal suspension for helmet-swinging incident

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Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams won’t appeal the one game suspension for swinging his helmet at Bombers linebacker Adam Bighill.

“I don’t want to show that I’m trying to fight that thing. I’m just going to pay my dues and be ready for next week,” Adams Jr. said.

“I reached out to Bighill told him I apologized, it wasn’t my intention to hurt him. He said that I hit him in the face but I told him if I hit you in the face that I didn’t mean to. He accepted my apology and he understands the competition.”

The discipline was issued by CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie following a telephone hearing with Adams and representatives of the Canadian Football League Players’ Association. The suspension is in response to play No. 123 in the fourth quarter of the game between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Montreal Alouettes on September 21 in Week 15.

“I apologized to my team about putting us in this situation,” Adams Jr. said.

“I have to be better than that. I’m a quarterback, I want to be the franchise player, I want to be the face of this franchise and I can’t be doing things like that.”

The play saw Bombers’ linebacker Adam Bighill block Adams on an interception return. Adams responded by pulling Bighill to the ground by his facemask, resulting in his opponent’s helmet being forcefully removed. Adams then proceeded to swing the helmet towards Bighill’s head.

In addition to being a non-football play, the league deemed the act to be reckless and dangerous. Adams is slated to miss the next Als game against the B.C. Lions in Vancouver on Saturday, September 28 in Week 16.

That discipline is in line with past helmet-swinging incidents.