Alouettes’ Ciante Evans: Andrew Harris ‘looks different’ after PED suspension

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Alouettes defensive back Ciante Evans believes it wasn’t the old Andrew Harris who came to Montreal.

“He looks a little bit different, but that’s none of my business. He does look different, though,” Evans said with a laugh on TSN 690 radio in Montreal.

Harris returned to the field in Week 15 following his two-game suspension for a positive drug test. Als veteran defensive end John Bowman didn’t feel the punishment was harsh enough. Winnipeg’s star back had 12 carries for 76 yards and five catches for 112 yards during the Montreal Miracle which saw the Alouettes comeback and win in the final seconds.

“I don’t even know, did John Bowman play today? I don’t think he made a play, other than that last one, good job John. I’m honestly over that sh*t already. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Harris said after the game.

“To each his own. I don’t know his side of the story, so I don’t really want to speak on it. But I just know that everybody uses stuff to try to get better. And I don’t know if it was trying to do it not knowing or knowing,” Evans said.

Harris has sent the supplement away and wants to prove his positive drug sample was tainted. It bugs Harris there are people who don’t believe his statement about contamination causing the failed test.

“Regardless I understand that you’re trying to get better, but like he say he just gotta be more careful, if that’s the case. Everybody has the same guidelines that they have to live by with the CFL rules,” Evans said.

“We’re employees of the CFL, so we have to abide by those guidelines. Everybody has to do their due diligence to be competent of those rules. He’s at fault. He gotta take his punishment.”