Second phase in the works for CFL 2.0: report

TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor is reporting that an ambitious second phase is in the works for CFL 2.0.

With Global player quotas doubling for next season, the league will be hosting a slate of international combines to find the best talent internationally, as well as opening things up to global talent that is currently playing in the NCAA.

An exchange of talent between Canada and the European leagues is also in the works. CFL Draft prospects will be asked about their interest to play in Europe and young Nationals unable to crack a CFL roster will be given overseas opportunities to develop in exchange for top tier European talent.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie has gotten even more ambitious will his global program and plans to pitch a number of foreign leagues on a permanent shift to Canadian football rules, making the Canadian version of the game its preeminent international form.

Ambrosie has spearheaded the CFL 2.0 initiative as the cornerstone of his commissionership, introducing the program for the first time this season by holding a Mexican Combine in January and a European Combine alongside the CFL National Combine in March. Teams selected three Mexican players and one European player each in corresponding drafts and have carried one Global athlete on the active roster all season, with two additional spots available on the practice roster.

Results have been mixed, with several global players establishing themselves as useful contributors while other teams have hesitated to put their extra player on the field. The league is proactively attempting to solve this issue by expanding the available talent pool.

The league currently has agreements with 11 different countries for next season: Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Japan.

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