Podcaster Andrew Hoskins shares remarkable story in video

Photo courtesy: Andrew Hoskins

A key member of the CFL family is telling his remarkable story of recovery.

Andrew Hoskins was featured in a video produced by Athabasca University in partnership with the CFL. The husband and father of three is on the road to recovery following a horrific back injury sustained almost two years ago.

Hoskins suffered a fractured vertebrae on January 14, 2018 while tobogganing with his children in Edmonton. The injury required two surgeries and hampered his mobility for months.

The first of two surgeries was done to install a pair of stabilizing rods in Hoskins’ back. One of the rods was secured with a screw that sat on a nerve, causing him constant pain until it was removed in his second surgery eight months later.

Hoskins says his back is “as good as it’s going to get” post-injury, describing it as 90 to 95 per cent of what it was before the accident. He returned to work full-time in January and walked a half-marathon last month in under three hours.

The 44-year-old is the creator and host of the Eskimo Empire Podcast, a weekly show about all things Edmonton Eskimos.

The podcast is co-hosted by Mike Smith-Knutsen and Kayla Doucet and serves as a platform to connect fans and players while celebrating the Eskimos and the CFL. The show has featured a number of stellar guests since it was founded in May of 2015, including Trevor Harris, Eddie Steele, and Justin Sorensen.

The podcast is recorded in the “Turf District,” a room in Hoskins’ home that puts most man caves to shame. The space is adorned with a shocking amount of CFL memorabilia, all of it green and gold.

Hoskins started a tailgate at Commonwealth Stadium three seasons ago, inviting podcast listeners to join him for a pregame meal and hangout. The tailgate has grown to 40 regulars with a season-high of 60 people congregating before the Labour Day rematch two weeks ago.

Andrew is someone who I am proud to call a friend. His recovery has been a huge source of inspiration to myself and many in the CFL community. You’ll never find a bigger CFL fan — or a nicer guy.

You can find Andrew’s podcast here and follow the show on twitter here.