Real beef: Saskie stock growers raise concerns with Riders over A&W advertising

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association has beef with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Real beef over fake beef.

There is a new A&W commercial which was filmed outside of Mosaic Stadium with green and white fans wearing the Riders’ logo and colours.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association provided 3DownNation with a statement regarding their stance on the A&W commercial:

The recent A&W ad campaign featuring Roughrider fans outside of Mosaic Stadium upset cattle producers in Saskatchewan by leveraging the beloved Saskatchewan Roughrider brand to promote plant-based burgers. As a result, we met with the Riders yesterday to hear their side of the story and gain a better understanding of the situation. We had a very cordial and productive meeting. We appreciated the Roughriders willingness to meet with us and look forward to further dialogue.

A&W is a corporate partner of the Riders, which is why the company can use the team’s logo and colours in advertisements. The prairie beef group felt the CFL franchise was favouring the national chain restaurant over local producers, while potentially turning people from real beef to plant-based alternatives.

Representatives from the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association met with officials from the Riders and received a statement from the team.

Easy solution: during Rider home games serve only prairie-raised meat. That solves the beef.