Lion DL Jonathan Newsome shows Redblacks he can sack the quarterback

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Jonathan Newsome had the kind of feeling you get after being dumped and hitching with a new partner.

“If felt like how I imagined it to be. I had something to come out here and prove,” Newsome said.

That was in reference to his quarterback takedown against the Redblacks, Jonathon Jennings was the victim. Newsome’s first in nine games so far in 2019 as B.C. won convincingly 29-5.

“But we got another round coming up, so I’m not satisfied,” Newsome said.

Newsome was released unceremoniously by the Ottawa Redblacks despite changing positions. Defensive coordinator Noel Thorpe was deploying Newsome as a linebacker instead of using his sack artist abilities.

“Just getting back into my bag. As Odell [Willis] would say they put the WD-40 on me get all this pass rushing rust off me,” Newsome said.

“Because when I was in Ottawa they took me away from pass rushing and had me playing off the ball and playing linebacker a lot. I’m getting into my groove. Getting a sack last week definitely they should start rolling in now.”