3DownNation CFL picks: Who gets thrown in the basement?

The Ottawa Redblacks and B.C. Lions aren’t tanking like the Miami Dolphins, but it seems one of those teams is going to finish dead-ass last in the CFL.

Ottawa has stunk the joint out on offence managing a league-low 210 points while B.C.’s given up the most points in the CFL at 342. There is next to no chance either team makes the playoffs and all that’s left is to try and get the No. 1 pick.

Friday, September 13
Ottawa at B.C., 10 p.m. EST

The Jonathon Jennings revenge game.

Dunk: B.C. is due for a win and they’re at home. LIONS
Hodge: The Jon Jennings revenge game? Nah. LIONS
Alfieri: Can’t believe I’m doing this but Ottawa’s bad and banged up. LIONS
Ballantine: If MBT can put up 40+ what will Reilly do (in between sacks)? LIONS
Filoso: Reilly on his back can still muster more offence than Ottawa. LIONS
Gasson: Oh geez. In B.C. LIONS
Smith: B.C. sucks… Ottawa sucks more. LIONS


Saturday, September 14
Hamilton at Calgary, 4 p.m. EST

The ‘are the Ticats for real?’ game.

Dunk: Game is being played at McMahon and Bo is back. STAMPS
Hodge: Calgary at home. STAMPS
Alfieri: Someone finally slows down the Ticats. STAMPS
Ballantine: Is this where I pick up a point on Josh in the standings? STAMPS
Filoso: Calgary at home. STAMPS
Gasson: Bo is back and Calgary is rolling. STAMPS
Smith: No, Ryan, it is not. STAMPS


Saturday, September 14
Montreal at Saskatchewan, 7 p.m. EST

The ‘who got the raw deal in the rain?’ game.

Dunk: Saskie in a squeaker. RIDERS
Hodge: Saskatchewan gets back in the win column. RIDERS
Alfieri: Alouettes stun another opponent in their home stadium and ultimately get revenge for the “rain game”. ALS
Ballantine: Montreal puts in a full 60-minute effort. ALS
Filoso: Montreal makes a statement on the road ALS
Gasson: Sask is good at home. Fans love this time slot. RIDERS
Smith: Montreal is good again, but Saskatchewan is just a touch better. RIDERS


2019 records after Week 13
Hodge: 38-12
Smith: 38-12
Ballantine: 36-14
Gasson: 32-18
Alfieri: 32-18
Dunk: 29-21
Filoso: 28-22

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