Bombers’ Mike O’Shea upset with Riders’ Craig Dickenson for breaking CFL rules

Mike O’Shea was none too pleased with Craig Dickenson and displayed his displeasure at the end of Winnipeg’s loss in the Labour Day Classic.

That heated discussion was about Bombers’ long snapper Chad Rempel being blown up, which is against CFL rules. The hit laid by Saskatchewan’s Lavar Edwards was illegal and injured Rempel.

In April the CFL board of governors approved a rule change regarding long snappers:

Making it illegal for a defensive player to deliver a forcible blow to the long snapper while the snapper’s head is down and they are in a vulnerable position and unable to protect themselves.

Literally the definition of the rule is what occurred on the play with Edwards bull rushing a defenseless Rempel. The play should have been a flagged by the officials, which would have extended the Bombers’ drive. Following the injury, the Bombers had two long field goal attempts they passed on, most likely due to the Rempel injury.

After reading the rule — and with both men being former special teams coordinators — it’s easy to understand why O’Shea was upset. But the league won’t be disciplining Edwards.

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