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Apparently the four games in Week 11 of the CFL schedule shouldn’t even be played because the outcomes are already known.

Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton and Montreal have been chosen by the majority to come away with victories. Even though Winnipeg leads the West at 7-2 and have already beaten the Eskimos, Mike O’Shea’s bunch enter Edmonton as decided underdogs.

Yes, Matt Nichols is sidelined with a shoulder injury, but Bombers supporters were critical of his play when he was healthy and wanted to see more of Chris Streveler. That’s going to happen as the sophomore CFLer becomes the starter for the blue and gold. Most importantly Winnipeg’s top producing offensive weapon – Andrew Harris – will be in the lineup.

The Bombers and Eskimos kick-off the weekend of three-down football which ends in Moncton for the Touchdown Atlantic game. Football from coast to coast.

Friday, August 23
Winnipeg at Edmonton, 9 p.m. EST

Dunk: You’re all on the Esks. BOMBERS
Hodge: Bombers too banged up. ESKS
Alfieri: Eskimos are playing too well. ESKS
Ballantine: Esks D contains Harris ESKS
Filoso: Edmonton is healthy, Winnipeg is not. ESKS
Gasson: Close one. ESKS.
Smith: Edmonton feasts on a wounded Winnipeg. ESKS


Saturday, August 24
Ottawa at Saskatchewan, 7 p.m. EST

Dunk: So everyone is on the…RIDERS
Hodge: Rider Nation tops R Nation. RIDERS
Alfieri: Will the Redblacks offence score a touchdown? RIDERS
Ballantine: Sask wins the Roughrider Bowl #NeverForget RIDERS
Filoso: The offensive committee continues, and so does the losing. RIDERS
Gasson:very different teams from Week 2. RIDERS
Smith: Make it five in a row. RIDERS


Saturday, August 24
Hamilton at B.C, 10 p.m. EST

Dunk: Consensus on the ‘Cats. LIONS
Hodge: Tough time change, but Hamilton takes it. TICATS
Alfieri: I’ve given the Lions the benefit of the doubt too many times. TICATS
Ballantine: Even the schedule cant help the Lions here. TICATS
Filoso: B.C. has to win again eventually, right? LIONS
Gasson: Late game for Hamilton. LIONS
Smith: B.C. keeps it close, but Hamilton finds a way. TICATS


Sunday, August 25
Montreal at Toronto, 12 p.m. EST

Dunk: Taking Toronto would be a terrible pick. ALS
Hodge: The Schooners might beat the Argos right now. ALS
Alfieri: This is going to be tighter than most people think but logic will prevail. ALS
Ballantine: Montreal has proven that they belong. ALS
Filoso: Montreal might be the hottest team in football. ALS
Gasson: Argos are improving but… ALS
Smith: VA all day. ALS


2019 records:
Hodge: 29-10
Smith: 29-10
Ballantine: 27-12
Gasson: 25-14
Alfieri: 23-16
Filoso: 21-18
Dunk: 20-19