CFL, CFLPA will reassess weather protocol in the off-season

The CFL and CFLPA have agreed to reassess the weather protocol in the off-season.

The decision comes after the Riders won 17-10 against Montreal in lightning-shortened Week 9 game. That was due to CFL protocol: if there is a stoppage greater than 60 minutes after the game becomes official at the midway point of the third quarter, the game will be considered final. Two points will be awarded to the leading team, and in the event of a tie when the game is stopped, each team will receive one point.

Once the game becomes official at the 7:30 mark of the third quarter, only the game supervisor and head referee may stop the game. There was three minutes and three seconds left on the third quarter clock when the players were called off the field with Saskatchewan taking the victory.

From the joint statement:

The Canadian Football League (CFL) and the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) met to discuss the new weather protocol that was put into effect when an electrical storm forced a delay and, ultimately, the stoppage of last weekend’s Montreal- Saskatchewan game. We agreed the result of the game was the proper outcome according to the protocol, which is part of our new collective bargaining agreement.

However, the CFL fully acknowledged that communication with the players association should have been better during the process, and those communication issues were fully discussed and resolved between the parties.  

Finally, we discussed whether we should now revisit and possibly amend the protocol. It was agreed that the most prudent course of action is to assemble all the relevant stakeholders — team and league executives, players association representatives, general managers, coaches and officials – in the off-season to reassess the protocol. Therefore, no change to the protocol is anticipated for the remainder of the 2019 season.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie has made mid-season changes before and with the blowback from the final call in Montreal, it’s surprising the league and union wouldn’t want to discuss an in-season tweak.

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