Johnny Manziel should’ve taken out insurance prior to playing in the CFL.

Manziel entered Canada with a lot of hype.

“I think [Manziel] would be the best player to ever play up here,” Jones told the CFL’s in-house podcast The Waggle. “He can throw it and he can run it like nobody has ever been able to do.”

The Tyler, Texas native signed with Hamilton but Montreal acquired the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner in a blockbuster in-season trade during the 2018 season. The Alouettes made the deal for Manziel to become their starting quarterback.

But his 2-6 win-loss record as Montreal’s starter was disappointing, especially when you consider the original salary ask was to be on par with what Hamilton had paid their QB in recent years despite not having much on-field success.

The 2015 first round NFL pick didn’t have much on-field success in the CFL and it’s part of the reason why even Manziel himself is comfortably referring to himself as an ex-pro football player in his latest commercial.

“I’m Johnny Manziel ex-pro football player. I know what it’s like to not know where your next pay check is coming from,” Manziel said in the Direct Auto Insurance advertisement.

Before Manziel travelled north of the border he had not thrown a pass in a pro game since December 2015 with Cleveland. There were many mean Tweets directed Manziel’s way by Browns and Alouettes supporters for sure.

“Turns out the huge rainstorm was from God’s tears laughing so hard at Johnny Manziel.” Well, that’s nice Adam,” Manziel said with a wry smile.

After the CFL forced Montreal to release Manziel and informed all of its member clubs that it will not register a contract for the dual-threat quarterback, he wound up in the now-defunct Alliance of American Football for a short stint.

But since suiting up for the Memphis Express, Manziel has been a free agent. Perhaps the XFL could come calling. Although, the insurance sales gig might be lucrative for Manziel because he can ride his celebrity status instead of putting in the required work to be productive, just like in his CFL stint.