Lions head coach DeVone Claybrooks: Mike Reilly’s ankle is sore, but he’ll be fine

The B.C. Lions appear to have juked a potentially crippling blow.

Franchise quarterback Mike Reilly was tracking down a bobbled snap during the Lions loss to Hamilton in Week 9, his ankle stuck and turned late in the fourth quarter. Trainers looked at his ankle on the sideline, taped it up and Reilly went back in the game.

Reilly had the sore ankle tested by the medical staff on Monday and it seems he’ll be in the lineup for B.C.’s Week 10 game in Winnipeg.

“He’s a trooper, he’ll be fine. All and all he was in meetings and everything, he’ll be fine,” Lions head coach DeVone Claybrooks said on TSN radio 1040 in Vancouver.

“He’s a soldier and he’s a trooper. He’s been getting treatment. Mike’s a warrior and he’s worked hard to rehab it – he’s moving around. The way I saw him barely get out of the bed, “I was like oh my God’. And then like three hours later he’s like, “I’m ready coach.” I was like, what?! Thank god he got that cheetah blood in his system.”

The 34-year-old completed 21-of-28 passes for 306 yards, two touchdowns against two interceptions. B.C. fell to a league-worst 1-7 as Reilly limped off the field following the latest defeat. Reilly has been beat up so far as the Lions have given up a league-worst 29 sacks.

“It’s a short week so you never feel great on day one just from all the bumps and bruises from the previous game,” Reilly said. “Outside of that, just normal wear and tear on the body – I feel pretty good.”

B.C.’s starting pivot ranks second in the CFL with 1,974 passing yards, but it’s the eight touchdowns versus eight interceptions which is part of an 87.9 quarterback efficiency rating that’s concerning.

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