Mike Reilly could care less if he has a beard or not.

The Lions’ franchise quarterback returned from B.C.’s bye week with a fresh trim.

Reilly had let the beard grow out during training camp.

Screengrab courtesy BC Lions

But he hacked it all the way down following an 0-2 start to the season.

Since Reilly went baby face things have gotten worse for the Lions. B.C. sits at 1-6 last place in the league. The veteran does shave during the season, but it has nothing to do with creating any kind of luck.

“It just comes back in like two weeks. Everybody made a big deal about it when I shaved my beard after the second week of the season, I’ve shaved after training camp every single year and I always have a beard going into playoffs,” Reilly said.

“What happens in between those, it just depends how sick I get of my face itching me and bugging me when I’m trying to sleep at night.”

Once and for all Reilly has set the record straight about the hair growing on his face.

“You think I give a damn about what my beard length is in terms of how that’s going to have us play on the field?” Reilly said.

“Shit, if my beard length makes a difference on how we play on the field, somebody tell me what the proper length is because I’ll put it at that and I’ll leave it there.”