The Lenkov’s only want to own the Alouettes if they can make a ‘real difference’

Prospective owner Jeffrey Lenkov witnessed the Alouettes win at Percival Molsom Stadium live in person as another step was taken in the due diligence prior to potentially purchasing the franchise.

“We’re still highly interested. We’re spending our time to make sure that if we come in as owners we can bring the highest quality and best product to the field. We only want to step into something if we can make a real difference. This team matters to the whole of Quebec and we understand that. So the privilege of ownership comes with a lot of responsibility,” Lenkov said on TSN radio in Montreal.

“The other owners, anyone who is interested in this team, you’d want to be involved with those group of people. They are high end, really committed group of people. You want a product on the field, you want the management and the team that’s working right now with the Alouettes who are really high end. And you want a guy like Randy [Ambrosie] and the league. If you don’t have those elements it’s not that appealing.”

Jeffrey, who is 53 years old, is a lawyer based in California. He attended McGill University. The Lenkov brothers were in Edmonton for Montreal’s Week 1 game versus the Eskimos. It seems the Lenkov’s are being courted by Ambrosie and the league.

“The group we’ve chosen to have this exclusive process with are doing everything right. They have been thorough and thoughtful, they’re digging real deep into it. Their position has been, if they’re going to do it, they want to know exactly what they’re buying and they want to have a plan to go forward. They’ve been incredibly professional so it is playing out how we had hoped it would, but of course now we’re looking to bring this to a conclusion sometime soon,” Ambrosie said on TSN.

“To even be the opportunity to be here, even be considering the option of being able to come involved with the team somehow is an honour and an unbelievable privilege. The important part about this team is delivering the product on the field, the fan experience and going with that is a dedicated, skilled management team. Hopefully take this team, if we have the opportunity, in the right direction it should be,” Lenkov said.

The younger Lenkov brother fell in love with the Alouettes because his father took him to Vince Ferragamo’s quarterback school. Ferragamo played one season in Montreal during 1981.

“I looked at the team and I saw this guy who was like a celebrity from the L.A. Rams and that caused my love affair with the Alouettes,” Lenkov said.

“For those years, I was a die-hard going to games. My parents had season tickets. I would take the metro and the bus that whole journey from Chomedey all the way down to Olympic Stadium and I loved the team. Once you grow up as a fan, especially a Montrealer, we know winning sports it’s in your blood.”