3Down CFL picks: It’s never as easy as it seems

Photo Scott Grant / CFLPhotoArchive.com
Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

All four of the matchups in Week 6 appear to present simple picks for winners.

Stampeders add water to the sinking ship, Winnipeg’s winning ways over Ottawa, Edmonton navigating the dangerous trip to Montreal and Saskatchewan slamming Mike Reilly often en route to a rough Riders victory.

Three of the games are unanimous among the 3DownNation crew. The only outlier is the Eskimos, Alouettes matchup, one brave man has taken the birds. It’s hard to envision Montreal putting together three consecutive wins – especially with all the off field distractions. But Khari Jones has the team focused and playing sound football.

There is bound to be an upset because it’s the CFL and even when we think the outcome will go one way a curveball gets thrown in. So feel free to chirp when the squad looks stupid for being boring and all on one side.

Thursday, July 18
Toronto at Calgary, 9 p.m. EST

Dunk: If the Argos keep it within 30 that’s a win. STAMPS
Hodge: Pray for Corey Chamblin. STAMPS
Alfieri: [Dunk inputting Joey’s pick from France]. STAMPS
Ballantine: The line is 11 – I’d have taken the Stamps at 22. STAMPS
Filoso: Toronto is terrible, Calgary is not. STAMPS
Gasson: Yeah. STAMPS
Smith: Toronto really could… HAHAHAHAHA! Naw. STAMPS


Friday, July 19
Ottawa at Winnipeg, 8:30 p.m. EST

Dunk: New starting QB for Ottawa equals a win for Winnipeg. BOMBERS
Hodge: Winnipeg starts 5-0 for the first time since 1960. BOMBERS
Alfieri: [Dunk inputting Joey’s pick from France]. BOMBERS
Ballantine: The magical start to the season continues for the Bombers who roll over Ottawa. BOMBERS
Filoso: Ottawa has done nothing to inspire confidence and will be missing key starters. BOMBERS
Gasson: Ottawa is all sorts of banged up. BOMBERS
Smith: Jon Jennings isn’t the answer. BOMBERS


Saturday, July 13
Edmonton at Montreal, 4 p.m. EST

Dunk: When in doubt West over East. ESKS
Hodge: Montreal can’t win three in a row… can they? ESKS
Alfieri: [Dunk inputting Joey’s pick from France]. ESKS
Ballantine: It’s another Montreal win….or is it?! ESKS
Filoso: Montreal is on a roll, but I don’t think they can handle Edmonton’s pass rush. ESKS
Gasson: if you fire a GM after wins do you still get the bump? ESKS
Smith: What the heck. ALS


Saturday, July 13
B.C. at Saskatchewan, 7 p.m. EST

Dunk: Nick Marshall being back is key to pair with Sask’s front. RIDERS
Hodge: Saskatchewan’s defensive line is gonna run amok. RIDERS
Alfieri: [Dunk inputting Joey’s pick from France]. RIDERS
Ballantine: B.C.’s OL vs. Sask DL? Mike Reilly better have his head, torso, and legs on a swivel. RIDERS
Filoso: Until B.C.’s offensive line improves, they’ll keep losing. RIDERS
Gasson: The Riders are rested. RIDERS
Smith: Rough start continues for B.C. RIDERS


2019 records
Alfieri: 14-5
Ballantine: 14-5
Hodge: 13-6
Smith: 12-7
Gasson: 10-9
Filoso: 9-10
Dunk: 8-11