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Photo Scott Grant /

The Lions play in a professional league.

The sentiment from Mike Reilly after the Eskimos put a beatdown on B.C. was the team looked more amateur.

“That was not professional football. “It’s pro football, you take a night off you’ll get embarrassed,” Reilly said.

“That’s an embarrassing game, that’s one of the most embarrassing games I’ve been a part of. Just getting physically man-handled all 12 guys on the field offence, defence special teams.”

B.C.’s head coach DeVone Claybrooks trusts Reilly, the face of the franchise.

“He’s the leader of our team and he understands the pulse of the team as in the locker room. He’s played a lot of football, so with those said you understand where those comments come from,” Claybrooks said.

Reilly and the offence barely made it over 200 yards of total offence, five sacks were allowed, three turnovers committed. The defence’s tackle attempts were poor too many times, there were no sacks or turnovers registered. Special teams were anything but for B.C. Edmonton laid a 33-6 licking on the Lions in their lair.

“It’s an embarrassing game. We got our asses kicked in all phases. It can’t get worse than that. We got two choices: either stay flat-lined or get a hell of a lot better,” Reilly said.

“It’s an embarrassment to us and it’s an embarrassment to this organization to put something out there like that on film,” Claybrooks said.

Under the first-time bench boss, B.C. has started 1-4 and that lone victory came by the a single point – rouge – to the worst team in recent years in the CFL: the Argos. The Lions, who sit last in the West Division, have a home-and-home set on the upcoming schedule with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“We gotta stay together, especially on this trying time right now. This is one of the tipping points in your season, it can either rally you together or it can tear you apart. If I’m a betting man, which I am, I’m going to bet that we rally and stay together,” Claybrooks said.

“Like Mike said the guys gotta have pride. We’re fighting for our season.”