Bombers degrade own product with Twitter shot at Argos

Twitter is a wonderful place.

When former CFL media guy Maxmillien Rosenberg moved from the Argo’s to the CFL front office, the teams seemed to take his cue and became a little snarkier, taking shots at one another on #MemeMondays and so forth.

The social game has tamed recently though, especially on Twitter where offence is now easily taken and tweets are jumped upon by the public as quickly as I get to a Smartie.

However, a Tweet about the weather from the Argo’s official account brought about a misguided and savage response.

Pretty tame, right? Especially considering the current heat wave hitting the city of Toronto. Under the new slightly snarky shade standards of the CFL nowadays, this fit in perfectly.

Then the Bombers responded:

Now, I love a good Twitter burn, and Bombers fans do too with over 250 likes of it at press time.

However, in this instance it goes too far.

Mocking attendance in Toronto is something the fans do regularly in every other city. For a team to do it, it’s degrading their own product. It’s mocking the lack of success in Canada’s largest market, something that the Argos hold the majority of the blame for, but the other member clubs were complicit in.

Teams, as members of a nine member club, can mock each other for on field results or any other number of things, but their well documented struggles should be off limits.

Trash talk between friends is a pretty simple thing. There are lines you shouldn’t cross; the Bombers did so and have no seeming interest in deleting the tweet either.

Ryan Ballantine is a lifelong Stamps fan and host of the Go Stamps Go Show Podcast. He has been covering the team since 2008.